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Sayur Asem (Veggies in Tamarind Soup)

February 5, 2018

If you live abroard, a humble Indonesian food like "Sayur Asem" will become a fancy meal. In Bahasa Indonesia,
Sayur = Vegetable but sayur also means soup. Asem = Sour since Tamarind tastes sour, we translated Sayur Asem into Vegetables in Tamarind Soup.

I am West Sumatran descendant or known as Orang Minang. That's why, I'm gonna share you a Minangese version of Sayur Asem as its origin is West Java or Jakarta, not West Sumatera 😃.

Sayur Asem
(Recipe by My Mom)

What You Need:

5 shallots (bawang merah), peeled, finely sliced
3 clove of garlic, peeled, finely sliced
1 knucklebone galangal (lengkuas), peeled, bruised
3 red chilies, seeded out, angle sliced
3 green chilies, seeded out, angle sliced
1 tbsp ground red chilies
1 tbsp palm sugar (gula jawa)
2 pods of tamarind (asem jawa)
2 salam leaves (bay leaf)

3 chayote (labu siam), peeled, cored, cubed
2 corns, cut into 4 parts
3 snake beans (kacang
panjang), cut into 3cm
5 pcs jack fruit, halved

Sugar and salt to taste

Water as needed (around 1 liter)

Ikan Asin (salty fish)

How To:

Boil water over high heat.
Fold in corn and all spices except tamarind. Reboil.
Add the rest of veggies and tamarind, continue cooking over medium heat until set.
Adjust the taste by adding salt and sugar to your liking. Turn off the heat.
Ready to serve with white steamed rice and salty fish.

Guten Appetit!

In case you are asking, since my mom is not allowed to eat Melinjo (Belinjo), we always skip melinjo and add extra coyote (labu siam) as K, my son like it very much.

Have a nice weekend!

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